Practical metaphysics


My Practical metaphysics is a system that explains why the world seems so puzzling and why we think things could be better. It shows how through falling in love we gain access to a reality that goes beyond the world we often find so difficult to understand. Here you can read a 10 point synopsis of the whole system, the main principles, and a summary version of my descriptive essay ‘Practical Metaphysics—dealing with the lie of modern Philosophy in Practice” the full version of which can be found in HASER: Revista internacional de filosofía aplicada, Numero 2, Spring 2011 or Practical Metaphysics--Dealing with the lie of modern Practical Philosophy.pdf. My ideas about living a self reliant and good life are published as Self reliance not counseling--a contemporary perspective on practical philosophy and its relationship to the individual in Revue Ouvertures, volume 2, octobre, 2014.

There are five reflections that helped me define the ‘beyond-with’ and gave it a place in reality.

‘Beyond-within’—a definition

Something on the nature of reality

One-ness and the reality of the beyond-within

Coming out of the pause—seeing something beyond error

Mutual understanding and the role of experience

There is also an important reflection which for me brought together the sense of reality beyond and within and was sustained by contact with that which was reflected within me.

Soup, scale and the reality of it all

I have also seen the beyond and within as a visual image.

Abstract beyond and within--an abstraction of reality

My link between sex and love in the form of ‘Tristanism’ is found here.

‘Sexual Activity: An Opportunity to Experience Reality Beyond Within’, in Understanding the Other and Oneself


Practical metaphysics