Here’s a question: Do you think life is worthwhile?

Yes? Maybe? No? Maybe you’re unsure? There are no other alternatives. It seems a dead end. But it isn’t.

Let’s ask a slightly different question: Do you enjoy life as much as you ought to? If, yes, then why? If no, then why not? Now you are being asked for reasons!

Philosophy offers you a lot more possibilities for questioning and asks for reasons for thinking things. If you do philosophy is helps you onto the next stage: Why do you think yes? Why do you think no? Why are you unsure? Once you’ve started asking questions like this then you are doing philosophy. It’s really not so hard and will take you to places you never thought you could go!

We can think about everything: about things to do more closely with ourselves, or things to do more with the world about us.

If you want to experiment thinking about yourself go here, if you would like to experiment thinking about the world around you, go here. If you enjoy doing this, try my book Doing Philosophy. If you want to think about how a self reliant good life may be attained read my essay on the topic here.

I am particularly interested in the thoughts we have about death and our experience of dying and the prospect of it. You may like to read my first hand account of grief, Goodbye: grief from beginning to end and its follow up, Goodbye II: Later reflections and a conclusion.


Thinking about things